Last post about this i swear :) above is my new account and this is my last post on this account. If i could just delete it from my phone i would. If you would like to continue to follow me thats where I’ll be! For those of you who choose to part ways, it’s been real!

Join us!


For the follow on my new account! Ill make one last post tonight before giving up this blog :) My new account is exactly like this one only under Soul-dierona!

I’m going to refer to this as my turtle nerd swagger O.o cause I’m rad

I’m going to refer to this as my turtle nerd swagger O.o cause I’m rad

Last day I’m going to ask if you guys would follow my new Tumblr account!

I’ll be doing nothing on this account after today and I’d love to take my followers with me!
Thanks to:

For following my new page so far!
Join them! :)

Go follow my new Tumblr!

Im going to put reminders up for a couple of days before going completely inactive on this account! Soul-dierona is my new account! Its back to being a baby Tumblr and i need help to make it grow! :) Love meeee!

New Blog is created!

So sad i cant access this one anymore but my new username is soul-dierona so come find me a feel free to unfollow this account! Im working on finding you all with my new account!


I cant access my Tumblr from my computer :/ i may have to make a new account. Stupid old ass email account and forgetting my password. Im going to keep trying but if i make a new account id love for you all to keep following me on it and ill be sure to find you all!

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